Selling your vehicle with ADESA is fast, safe and easy.

Guaranteed Offer
Get Paid the Same Day
No Strangers to Your Home or Office
car was sold fast and safe over askingcar was sold fast and safe over asking

Why Choose ADESA?

ADESA sells thousands of vehicles through our daily online auctions – so you’ll have buyers from across North America competitively bidding on your vehicle.
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Guaranteed Offer

How can we achieve the highest price for your vehicle so quickly? With 14 locations across Canada, we already have buyers in our nationwide network looking for a vehicle like yours.

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Get Paid the
Same Day

Once you accept the winning offer for your vehicle, you have the option of either picking it up from us or having it hand-delivered to you within one business day. It’s fast, easy and efficient.

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No Strangers to
Your Home or Office

List your vehicle at the price you’re looking for from the comfort of your home or office. We’ll take care of the rest. No more waiting on no-shows or hagglers who only waste your time. We make selling your vehicle safe, easy and risk-free.

We Bring the
Auction to You.

Our NEW Sell-from-Home feature makes selling more convenient than ever.

Skip having to bring your vehicle anywhere and sell to buyers across North America from the comfort of your home, office, cabin, happy place and more.

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List Your Vehicle in Minutes

3 easy steps

Set Your Asking Price

We’ll work with you to help determine how much you can get for your vehicle.

Put Your Feet Up

We will take care of processing and finding a buyer for your vehicle at your price or better.

Receive Your Cheque

Once you accept the winning offer, we hand-deliver a cheque within one business day.

Listing with ADESA has never been easier

“I sold 6 vehicles with ADESA” – Sandra

Using Our Market Guide

“Our market guide gives you access to data on all vehicles sold with ADESA in the last 90 days, allowing you to make an informed decision.”

What You’ll Need to Bring

There are a few things we need from you before we can sell your vehicle at the auction, starting with your vehicle registration and a valid drivers license. Watch this video to find out if you’re ready to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you sell my vehicle even if the offer is less than my asking price?

Absolutely not, but we will still run the offer by you. You ultimately have the final say for any offers that are under your minimum sale price. However, if the offer hits or exceeds your minimum sale price, we will accept the offer on your behalf.

What are the fees you charge for selling my vehicle?

The fees depend on how much your vehicle ends up selling for. Here are some examples:

  • Sale price of $5000 = Fee of $445
  • Sale price of $10,000 = Fee of $570
  • Sale price of $15,000 = Fee of $695
  • Sale price of $20,000 = Fee of $745
(Promotional fees may be available contact ADESA for details)
What are the fees if my vehicle doesn't sell?

A $149 fee will be charged if your vehicle doesn’t sell. It includes running your vehicle in 3 live sales and a history report.

What does ADESA need to sell my vehicle?

We’ll need:

  • A transfer of ownership (document varies depending on province)
  • A copy of your driver’s license
How many auctions will my vehicle run in?

Your vehicle will run in a minimum of 3 different live sales. Additionally, it will be posted up on our daily online sale. This way, we know we’ve reached all of our qualified buyers.

What if my vehicle is not safetied?

The vehicle does not have to be safetied but any major problems with the vehicle must be declared.

What should I do with the insurance on my vehicle?

We strongly advise keeping the insurance on your vehicle or at least having storage Insurance to make sure you’re covered for any acts of nature.

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